Our Mission & Vision

“Leaving an Eternal Life Legacy”    
That is our mission here at Tabernacle.  It’s what we must do! If through our personal engagement with someone, we can encourage them to hear of the good news that Jesus have paid the price for all their sins by His death on the Cross, and they, through that engagement trust and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, then we will have begun leaving an eternal life legacy with that person. We then must lead that new saint to grow in Christ.  



“Tabernacle Baptist Church of Lawrenceville will be a church of all people maturing in Christ who constantly add to themselves by bringing in new disciples.”
The Bible tells us that heaven will be filled with countless numbers of people from every nation and tongue. We believe that our local church should be actively involved in trying to bring as many people as possible into the Body of Christ regardless of their nation, color and culture, and that we should continue to lead them into spiritual maturity through the steadfast teaching of God’s Word.