What To Expect

Is Tabernacle welcoming to new faces?

That’s what people keep telling us, that they feel welcomed here. They say our church feels like their church back home and that the people are very nice and friendly.  We think that’s important.  When you come into God’s house you don’t want to feel as if people are starring at you with a snobbish look on their face.  You also may not want to feel totally ignored.  Well, here at Tabernacle, all are welcome.


Would you feel at home in regards to our teaching?

Christians from the very first church to today’s churches would feel good with the unchanging message that we share in our teaching and worship services. Our theology isn’t some new “feels-good-but-lacks-substance” kind of message based on personal ideas.  It’s biblical, truthful, practical, inspiring, liberating, convicting and challenging.  It’s that balanced diet that we need to become and remain healthy Christians. It’s God’s unconditional love shining through in His Word.


What about our music?

Our music consists of a healthy balance of praise and worship, contemporary gospel, traditional gospel, contemporary christian music, inspirational hymns and just a plain sweet, sweet spirit kind of feeling. We want the songs that we sing to lift Jesus up and to lift you up!


What is the dress code?

It’s really whatever you’re comfortable wearing.  We have people coming in everything from jeans and a shirt or blouse to suits and dresses, and it’s like that every Sunday.  You wont be out of place either way.